Closed hiking trails

After several storms and because of ice some hiking trails had to be closed for security reasons.

Riedli, Gunten - Raft, Sigriswil
parts of the way are coverd with ice, therfore the path is slippery

Aeschlen - Oberhofen
The hiking trail from Aeschlen Erizb├╝hlweg is open as far as Nussbaumplatz / walnut tree. After the trail is closed after a strong storm. Hikers may use the small street to get to Oberhofen Blooch. Please count a little more time.
The estimated time to reopen the original time ist March 2020.

Wilerallmi - Sigriswil - Justistal
The hiking trail Wilerallmi - Falle ist open. From Falle to Justistal the hiking trail is closed, the hillside is moving continuiously.

Thank you for your comprehension!

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