The star of Bethlehem at the planetarium Sirius Schwanden

Enjoy the Christmas story at the planetarium Sirius. (in German)


The starry sky on 24th December 2022

We show you the starry sky on 24th December 2022 and explain you the winter constellations (in German). When you look up to the sky later on you will recognize the bright star and the constellations. How looks the sky like at the same time in Bethlehem?

The sky 2000 years ago
What could people see when they looked up to the sky 2000 years ago?
What did the constellations look like?
Was there a comet diving or a supernova exploding?
Where there particular constellations of the planets?
The astronomy of those days has answers to this questions.
Feel like it was to live at the time when Jesus Christ was born.

The story of Bethlehem
Under the dome of the planetarium we present you the story of Bethlehem after the holy bible (luc. 2. 1 -17 and matt. 2, 1 - 12).
A wonderful Christmas feeling. Bring your kids and your grand children with you!

Dates and times

Time: ca. 1 hour,
Language: in German

Entrance: Adults CHF 16.00, children CHF 8.00

Reservation: on our site

Place and booking contact
Sternwarte Planetarium Sirius
Schwandenstrasse 131
3657 Schwanden
Phone +41 (0)33 251 02 44 

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