Suggestions for short and long hiking excursions

Gummi Gorge Aeschlen-Sigriswil

An impressive hiking trail through the deep and narrow Gummi gorge lets you experience the wild landscape including the Gunten stream. During this hike which only takes about 45 minutes you will not only hike with a 120 metre change in altitude you will also undergo the gorge close up.

A number of observation signs situated in the gorge will convey information about birds, geology, forest in the gorge and special botanical plants.

Opposite the church of Sigriswil or at the Hotel Panorama in Aeschlen.
Public transportation, STI bus stop Sigriswil or Aeschlen village.

Sigriswil Tourismus, Info-Center Gunten
Tel. +41 33 251 11 46

Flyer Gummi Gorge

Planet Trail SIRIUS Schwanden

Along the planet trail SIRIUS you will experience the beautiful panorama of the Lake of Thun to the center of canton Bern and on clear days as far as the canton of Jura.  The trail is marked and has light climbs. Total hiking time approx. 2 hours. A few steps off the trail on a hill you will find the lookout tower „Blueme“.  Two large barbecues stand ready to be used for an outdoor break.

Starting point:
Schwanden ob Sigriswil: Sternwarte SIRIUS
Heiligenschwendi: Reha Zentrum parking lot

Sternwarte Planetarium Sirius
Schwandenstrasse 131
3657 Schwanden
Tel. +41 33 251 02 44
Planet Trail SIRIUS

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