Winter hiking

Winter hiking trail Schwanden-Heiligenschwendi

The winter hiking trail starts from “Schwanden Sägi“ and follows a light climb in the direction “Gruebis” until you get to “Höhenweg”.  You then follow the trail along a sunny platform which leads through the Schwanden, Tschingel and Ringoldswilerallmi.  Once you get to the blockhouse the trail continues on the street until you get to the REHA Klinik Heiligenschwendi. A variety of paths suitable for hiking or to snowshoe:  At the point “Margelsattel Tschingelallmi” you go up until you get to the “Oberen Hütte”, turn left in the direction of “Hinteport, Wolfsgruben,Schuechtegg” towards Heiligenschwendi.

The winter hiking trail is signaled with pink markers.  Aproximately 9 km long and between an altitude of 1000 to 1200 metres above sealevel.

Winter hiking trail Justis Valley from Sigriswil Grön

The winter hiking trail in the Justis valley starts from Grön along the prepared cross-country ski run.  The trail goes past the “Grön” stream and on to the “Spicherberg”( a number of small huts to lager cheese)  It then opens up into the valley.
It is signaled with pink markers and is approximately 8 km long and between an altitude of 1200 to 1400 metres above sea level.

Winter hiking trails


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