Places of Interest

Graben Mill Sigriswil

An adventure in Sigriswil for families, companies and clubs. Trout fishing, gold washing, mill museum, log house for groups, tipi, barbecue area and a playground with a mine train, chuck-wagen and a lookout tower for children.  There is also an animal park with alpacas, deer, mouflons and a small animal village.

A small restaurant named „Funky Fish“ offers delicious light snacks and beverages.

Familie Andreas und Brigitte von Gunten
Grabenmühle 21
3655 Sigriswil
Tel. +41 33 251 20 70
Fax +41 33 251 00 01
Graben Mill

Panorama Bridge Sigriswil

340 metres long and 180 metres above ground, those are the measurements for the imposing Panorama bridge in Sigriswil.  It connects the two villages, Aeschlen to Sigriswil and spans across the “Gummi Gorge”.  The filigree architectural masterpiece is one of the attractions of the Lake of Thun panoramic tour. This bridge is one of the longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges in Europe.  It is a jewel under suspension bridges and represents a gentle, sustainable art of tourism for our region.

Visit the „Panorama Bridge“ in Sigrisil and enjoy the fantastic view of the Bernese Oberland.

Panorama Rundweg Thunersee
Höheweg 22
3626 Hünibach
Tel. +41 33 221 41 80
Panorama Rundweg Thunersee

Observatory SIRIUS Schwanden

The astronomical centre SIRIUS uses modern technology to transmit the fascination of space.

Observatory – a direct look into infinity(endless space)!!!  During clear evening skies, experience the unforgettable view of the stars.  the Milkyway, planets and the moon through our large telescope.

Planetarium – the weatherproof firmament!  The modern Zeiss- star projector can magically project the night sky from any place in the world onto the dome. Exciting, educational and informativ shows are part of the program.

Sternwarte Planetarium Sirius
Schwandenstrasse 131
3657 Schwanden
Tel. +41 33 251 02 44
Astronomical centre SIRIUS

Lookout tower Blueme schwanden

A small idylic piece of earth!  The sun filled slopes above the Lake of Thun with the villages Schwanden,Tschingel and Ringoldswil.

A few steps off the planet trail SIRUS you will find the lookout tower „Blueme“.  In the past in the old Bernese national territory, lookout towers were placed strategically on hills.  These lookout towers were called “Chutzen”.  It was an important form of communication.  Fire or smoke signals were used to transport information.  The Blueme lookout tower is situated on such a hill..  The panoramic view stretches from Jura to the Bernese Alps.  Two barbecues with three grills are ready to be used for a break in the open countryside.
Schweizer Familie Feuerstelle

Planetenweg Sirius
Schwandenstrasse 131
3657 Schwanden
Tel. +41 33 251 02 44
Planet trail SIRUS

Historical Tour of Sigriswil

A special tour of Sigriswil:  Learn about the most notable buildings and admire one of the twelve churches that were built around the Lake of Thun l000 years ago.

The „Gemeindegewölbe“ in Sigriswil is the smallest museum in the world.(4.3 square metres).  Here you will find rotating exhibitions related to the eleven villages from the district of Sigriswil.  Next door is the “Adolf Schaer-Speicher” which was built in the eighteen hundreds and renovated in 1994.  It stands amoung a village with its well maintained chalets.    Tourist information, a map of the village and pictures of historical buildings in Sigriswil are to be found here.

Historical tour
Gemeindegewölbe and The Sigriswiler Declaration of Independance

Ships in the Bernese Oberland

Discover the Lake of Thun on a boat trip and then hike to solitary places and enjoy the breathtaking views.

The holiday destinations Gunten and Merligen are ideal starting points for an excursion with a ship on the Lake of Thun.. As the ships glide past old castles and picturesque villages you will  enjoy the utter beauty of the Bernese Oberland.  A direct connection to the mountain railways, the St. Beatus caves and much more await you.

BLS AG Schifffahrt Berner Oberland
Schiffstation Thun Bahnhof
Seestrasse 9, 3600 Thun
Tel. +41 58 327 48 11
BLS Ship